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Hi, I’m Angela. I live just outside of Dallas, TX. I am a Photoshop expert and Etsy seller. My life changed dramatically a few years ago when I had both knees replaced. I’m no longer in pain all day, every day.
Anyway, I make my living as a graphic designer, but I am passionate about my art. Mostly, I hand-build with clay that I kiln-fire.
I like to create all sorts of creatures. Some are “recognizable” such as my version of¬†hedgehogs. Others are what I call monsters that are just conglomerations that come out of my head.
I also like to work with sculptural pieces that are inspired by the stuff you find in nature. Nature just does the same stuff over and over again. And I’m starting to believe that as part of nature we are limited to what we can create by what nature creates itself.
I’ve been working in clay for 15+ years and I still learn new things every time I put my hands into a fresh batch. It’s given me a way to fulfill the creative part of me that has to be nurtured or I go a little dead inside. I came to clay thinking it was a natural progression from what I was doing with mosaics. For me, it wasn’t a natural next step but was the next big thing to explore.
My stuff tends to be either whimsical and fun or decidedly dark. There’s not a lot of in-between. I’m fascinated with skulls and seed pods and microscopic things which I can only see in photographs. But I also like creating creatures that make people smile or even laugh.
I’m reworking the website for hedgehoglounge.com and trying to tie that together with my art and social media. I’m not always the best at keeping up with all of it but I’m giving it a go.

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