Untangling the Mystery of GIGI GIUSTI Vintage Jewelry

gigi, gigi angel; giusti signature, signed gigi, signed giusti
1994 Gigi Accessories, Guardian Angel by Louis Giusti

I have seen these “Gigi” angels attributed to some sort of Snuffleupagus of a designer named: Gigi Giusti. In fact, GIGI stands for “Gigi Accessories Inc.” and GIUSTI is for Louis Giusti, one of their designers.

Gigi Accessories Inc., manufactured a series of these angels under the name: Angelica. The one pictured here is “The Dove” from 1994 and is therefore contemporary vintage at 20+ years old. Originally they came carded in a shiny blue box.

The original card read:
Your Guardian Angel
Let her spirit inspire, guide, protect, and comfort your soul
(c) Gigi Accessories Inc. 1994
(made in the USA)

“GIUSTI” is for Louis Giusti; who is/was a fashion jewelry designer. I was able to find definitive proof confirming this from another line that Gigi Accessories made: “Santa’s Pets”.

Gigi Accessories made jewelry: namely, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches and pins, according to their Trademark application.

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