Hedgehog Lounge makes all handmade pottery & polymer statues including hedgehogs & decorative chickens and roosters

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  • Whimsical Chickens

    animals * creatures * nature

  • Wood Fired Hedgehog
  • Carolina Gamecocks

    pottery & sculpture

  • Zombies
  • Modern Raku Hedgehog

    endless imagination

  • Custom Order Panda

Welcome to Hedgehog Lounge, we're enjoying the journey and sharing the outcome with the world.

Hedgehog Lounge is a pottery or perhaps a "sculpturey" specializing in whimsical animals and interpretations of nature's beauty. We have a shop on Etsy and also sell through a few local venues. If you'd like more information or wish to place a custom order; please visit the contact page and we'll get back with you.

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Custom Orders–thought up by you; created by Hedgehog Lounge This fortune telling turtle was a special Christmas gift for a young man who always wanted one. youtu.be/xzLR2hq0fsM

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SC Gamecocks are here! These roosters have so much personality and real feathers add movement. They are for sale on the Etsy store.

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Pinchpot MonstersThese are hardly monsters at all. They're bizarre and made from a conglomeration of tiny pinchpots all joined and vented together; so they don't explode in the kiln.

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Feeling Magnetic?Hedgehog Lounge makes all sorts of polymer sculptures and magnets for the refrigerator or file cabinet. We have new items available in the Etsy store every few weeks.

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