Hedgehog Lounge Gallery Photo Portfolio: sculptural animals, nature forms, pinch pot monsters, polymer

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Gallery | An abbreviated collection of work

Working in kiln-fired clay, polymer and found objects
to create unique one-of-a-kind home decor

Soda Fired Sid


Sid's mottled metallic finish is the result of super heated soda landing on the piece and creating kiln-kiss glass glaze in the extreme heat (2381 F)of the kiln.

Speckled Egg


These eggs are approximately the size of a chicken egg. They come in all colors and attitudes; some are even standing on their heads.

Hedgehog Love Couple

Hedgehog Couple

The smaller of these two hedgehogs is also a rattle. They are pretty big at 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 inches tall. They were made to be a pair and would be an amazing wedding gift for any couple.



Badger is one of a species so far. The unglazed clay body became black when it absorbed smoke trapped inside its air-tight reduction can. The yellow stripes are glazed grooves in the clay body.

Red Rooster

Carolina Gamecocks

Go SC! These Carolina Gamecock roosters are sprigged with natural chicken feathers. They make stunning table centerpieces and of course, the perfect gift for a Carolina fan.



This life-sized pygmy hedgehog lives with two King Charles' Spaniels and their staff. Each quill is hand placed. There are 7+ colors of glaze in three coats before the second firing./p>